Getting Support

BERI primarily works with university institutions and researchers focused on mitigating x-risk. We collaborate with our partners in a variety of ways. Sometimes, we can quickly provide funding for an activity that is difficult to fund through university mechanisms. Other times, we can provide researchers with a service that they need, by paying contractors to provide that service.

We are especially interested in supporting researchers nominated by our colleagues at the following institutions:

  • CHAI - the Center for Human Compatible AI at UC Berkeley,
  • CSER - the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University,
  • FHI - the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University,
  • MIRI - the Machine Intelligence Research Institute in Berkeley, CA.

In short, if you work as an administrator for one of these groups, you may ask BERI to support a researcher that you nominate.

How to request support

If you are interested in receiving support from BERI, the best way to explore this possibility is to email We will then start a conversation about your plans, applying a vetting process that we feel is appropriate for the situation.