Grants & Awards Program

As of , BERI’s Grants & Awards Program has distributed a total of in funding. The program began in September, 2017 (blog post), and currently consists of two sub-programs:

Like BERI itself, our Grants & Awards program is currently focused primarily on existential risks from artificial intelligence, but is open to work that will reduce other existential risks as well. To learn more about each of our sub-programs, please visit the grants program pages linked above.

So far, most of BERI’s grants have been funded by BERI’s First Grants Fund, which was created by donations from entrepreneur and philanthropist Jaan Tallinn, although we may accept donations from other funders in support of BERI’s Grants & Awards program in the future (including in support of new Grants & Awards sub-programs).

If you have any questions about BERI’s Grants & Awards program, please email