Event Coordinator

Start date: April 2017 or later
Compensation: $40/hr
Application: at the bottom of this page

BERI hopes to hire an event coordinator on contract for 3-4 months, or later, to assist in co-organizing events with research groups in the San Francisco Bay Area with an interest in existential risk, such as the Center for Human-compatible AI (CHAI) and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI). The coordinator should live and work in the Bay Area. Our goal is for the coordinator to oversee the organization of workshops and/or conferences, by taking on or soliciting volunteers, contractors, or staff at universities for many or all of the tasks below.

We hope that success in this role will also open up career opportunities at larger institutions in need of mission-driven administrators, such as CHAI, FHI, and CSER.


Responsibilities of the event coordinator will include, but not be limited to, ensuring the following tasks are completed.

Not all tasks must be completed directly by the coordinator; they will be encouraged to recruit volunteers, as well a staff members at our collaborating institutions, to accomplish these tasks where possible:

  • Corresponding with collaborators and their staff
    • Selecting venues
    • Making use of campus resources for facilitating conferences at universities
    • Ensuring compliance with university rules and regulations
  • Preparing materials
    • Website development
    • Arrival packets (nametags, etc.)
  • Registration
    • Answering questions from registrants
    • Handling registrant payments
    • Ensuring registrant qualifications
  • Speaker and VIP relations
    • Soliciting and corresponding with invited speakers and visitors
    • Addressing the individual needs of invitees to ensure a pleasant conference experience
  • Public relations
    • Responding to press inquiries
    • Vetting reporters and/or writers for admission
    • Handling interview requests
  • On-site logistics (likely to be handled by campus personnel when collaborating with a university)
    • Reception
    • Catering
    • Audio/video production
  • Follow-up tasks
    • Video editing and publishing

Other aspects of events, such as the structure and content, and choice of invited speakers, will usually be determined by our collaborators. Some of the above responsibilities may also be handled by volunteers or campus personnel, but we expect the event coordinator to stay on top of things and ensure nothing gets left by the wayside.

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