Part-Time Operations and Finance Manager

Start date: As soon as possible
Status: Part-time employee, paid by the hour
Compensation: $25/hour
Typical hours: ~15-20 per week, primarily during standard business hours
Work Location: Preferably the Bay Area
Reports to: Deputy Director
Application: at the bottom of this page

We are seeking a part-time employee to manage internal operations at BERI. Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Categorizing and tracking our finances
  • Onboarding and hiring employees
  • Managing BERI’s payroll system
  • Researching state and federal law requirements for BERI
  • Ensuring that BERI is compliant with tax agencies and other state and federal governmental departments. This includes tasks like:
    • Drafting organizational policies
    • Organizing, updating, and sharing legal notices with employees and contractors
    • Adding new employees to our worker’s compensation policy
    • Submitting annual state and federal forms
    • Etc.
  • Researching services BERI could use, e.g., internet services, mail services, lawyers, etc.
  • Drafting employee policies, developing contract templates, and designing internal processes that:
    • Ensure BERI follows non-profit best-practices,
    • Are charitable to employees and contractors, and
    • Cost the organization little overhead.
  • Checking BERI’s mail (optional if not in the Bay Area) and keeping a record of legal correspondence
  • Handling other small operations tasks as they arise

To read more about why we are hiring for this role, see this blog post. We are especially interested in candidates who would like to grow to take on more operations tasks in the future (e.g., managing others on operations projects). The ideal candidate would also be familiar with the AI x-risk “ecosystem.”

Relevant experience/knowledge that would be helpful to be familiar with:

  • Employment laws (UI, workers comp, overtime, etc.)
  • Quickbooks or other financial tracking systems
  • Experience with operations

The above experience is not required; we are happy to train inexperienced but promising candidates. Note that the first two months of work will be a “trial period,” during which you will be managed by our current Operations Manager.

Personality traits that make for a good Operations and Finance Manager:

  • Highly organized
  • Detail-oriented
  • Conscientious
  • Good task management
  • Enjoys keeping lists
  • Gets satisfaction out of finishing relatively small tasks and keeping the organization running smoothly
  • Comfortable with extensive use of a computer and substantial typing.

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