Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we raised $60,702 as part of our December fundraiser, exceeding our goal of $50,000! These funds will go towards launching new trial collaborations in 2021, as described here.

In addition, we raised over $66,000 in support of our collaboration with the Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence. This number is likely to increase once Facebook distributes any matching funds from Giving Tuesday.

It means so much to us that, in such a difficult year, people chose to support BERI’s mission to improve human civilization’s long-term prospects for survival and flourishing. With so many new problems arising every day, it can be hard to stay focused on low-probability, high-impact events like existential risks. BERI is working to improve the prospects of not only everyone living today, but also people who have yet to be born. Despite the abstract nature of the problem, we believe that reducing existential risk is a crucial task for our time, and it’s heartening to have donors who support us in this work.

We’re planning to open applications for new university collaborations in May of this year. With the financial backing of our donors, we’re excited to expand our support of researchers working to reduce existential risk. Thank you!