Machine Learning Engineer

Start date: ASAP
Status: Full or Part-time employee, paid hourly
Compensation: $30-$90/hr, depending on experience and output
Location: The San Francisco Bay area
Reports to: Executive Director
Application: at the bottom of this page

As part of a collaboration with the Center for Human Compatible AI (CHAI) under UC Berkeley professor Stuart Russell, BERI is seeking to hire engineers to work on the projects listed below. If any of these projects interests you, we encourage you to apply:

To read more about why we are interested in hiring machine learning engineers, see this blog post.

Ability to meet in person is required, but much of the work could also be done remotely. Funds would be available to pay for any experiments that require additional resources, e.g., cloud computing, or polling human subjects via mechanical turk.

We are especially interested in applicants who can take initiative and will find ways to help our partners. This role involves figuring out what would be helpful for researchers and then doing it.

Total hours currently needed: 10 to 40 hours a week, depending on level of independence and quality of work (with more hours going to candidates with higher independence and initiative).

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