We’ve completed our evaluation of the applications for new collaborators. We received a total of 16 applications from groups and individuals, across a wide variety of academic disciplines, geographical areas, and project types. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to start collaborations with the following groups:

These groups join CHAI, FHI, CSER, SERI, and more as active BERI collaborators.

We consider these five new groups to be “trial” collaborations. They will initially be supported with money we raised in our December fundraiser, as opposed to collaboration-specific donations like with our main collaborations. If a trial collaboration is successful (i.e. they find it useful and we find it cost-effective), we will likely attempt to raise additional funds in support of specific collaborations. For more information about BERI’s trial collaborations, see this blog post.

We greatly appreciate the time each applicant took to apply. It’s inspiring to see so many people passionate about the long-term survival and flourishing of humankind!