BERI has received a $40,000 grant from Open Philanthropy to support our collaboration with Professor David Krueger’s lab at the University of Cambridge. We originally launched a trial collaboration with David in July 2021, and with this donation we’re converting our trial collaboration with him into one of our main collaborations.

We are truly thankful to have donors like Open Philanthropy to support our work and mission. We’re also thankful for researchers like David, with the vision and ambition to work towards a long future of survival and flourishing for human civilization. We’re proud to support his work and the work of his students—we’re especially excited that several of David’s PhD students are alumni of CHAI, another BERI collaborator!

These is the fifth instance of BERI converting a trial collaboration into a main collaboration; we believe these donations provide ongoing evidence for the strength of the trial collaborations approach. For more information on trial collaborations, see this post.